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As a renowned production team, Avant Garde Events has worked at 5-star venues and with blue chip companies to deliver many different types of event.

That’s why we have the expertise to offer products and services for an array of sporting events, whether you’re looking for individual AV equipment hire or complete production management.

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Professional Production for Sporting Events

When planning any sporting event, it’s vital everything runs smoothly from start to finish and oozes professionalism, even if you’re organising a night of sporting fun. Many events have even become more of a ‘show’, whether that’s providing music from top DJs during boxing matches or athletic competitions where a great atmosphere in the arena is essential. Even a smaller event such as a football match or charity tennis tournament will require some production elements such as good lighting, microphones and video display screens.

Whatever you require, it’s easy to put together a bespoke package for your exact needs. So whether you need power and lighting throughout the venue or impressive video display screens, we’ll help you plan your event to perfection.

Our industry leading products and services for sporting events include:

Sound & Microphones

Microphones for exhibitions organised in London

From conducting interviews before and after a game to providing flawless commentary, we supply high quality audio equipment, sound systems and microphones to ensure you have everything you need to deliver key information to crowds and audiences at home. We understand how to set up equipment throughout a venue to pitch the sound just right from every spot.

Video Screens

Lighting equipment for sporting events organised in London or Surrey

To ensure key information can be delivered effectively, graphics and video display screens are the ideal way to present any visual aspects of your sporting event. This includes advertising to the masses, relaying player information and displaying scores. Projectors can also be used for larger scale visuals, making sure everyone can see what’s happening.


Lighting equipment for sporting events organised in London or Surrey

Ensure your sporting event is lit appropriately throughout. Our talented production team can design tailored lighting programmes to create the right atmosphere, making sure key moments are enjoyed on an epic scale.


Stages and lecterns supplied for exhibitions organised in London or Surrey from Avant Garde Events

For any sporting presentations, award ceremonies or interviews, it’s important to have the right set-up so that a professional focal point is created. Use our stage production services for a safe, practical solution which looks great too. We provide support on the day to ensure any setting up and removal of the stage areas causes minimal disruption to the sporting event.

Working with Avant Garde Events

Our experienced team undertake event production for both small events and those on a much larger scale, having worked with some huge names across many different industries. Not only do we have a full stock of equipment to create the special effects, lighting and sound you require, but can help you plan the production from the moment fans arrive to the time they leave, keeping the buzz alive throughout. We’ll help you organise a sporting event that everyone will be talking about for weeks to come.

Why work with us?

  • Use our dedicated production team to set up your venue, provide support on the day and remove everything after your sporting event has finished.
  • We use only the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure your sporting event looks and feels as professional as possible.
  • Our wealth of industry knowledge and technical ability means you can customise your event to achieve the outcomes you want.
  • Not sure where to hold your sporting event? Our connections to top venues around the region helps us offer a free venue finding service which ticks all the boxes for your event.

From ensuring fans have the best night of their lives to keeping your sporting event on schedule, our exceptional customer service and attention to detail will make your event a complete success.

We also offer: –

  • Free venue finding – find the perfect venue for your sporting event

  • Complete AV hire – for impressive visuals, power and sound

  • Award winning DJs – enhance the atmosphere with incredible music throughout your event

  • Light up letters – choose from an entire alphabet of letters & characters

  • Photobooths, social pods & magic selfie mirrors – get your sporting event trending and entertain fans

  • Drapery & backdrops – don’t forget your event décor

  • Dancefloors – for an after party to celebrate event success

  • Fireworks – for the ultimate night of celebration

From a huge show with hundreds of guests arriving to a product stand that will get your business noticed for all the right reasons, put together an event package ideal for you.

From the first time we spoke to Danny to being there at the match on the night, we couldn’t have asked for more from an events company.

Thank you SO MUCH for everything you did to make sure the competition and commentary went as planned. Complete professionals throughout – we’ll be in touch again!

Put Together a Sporting Events Package

Are you organising a sporting event in Surrey, London or the South East? Speak to our expert team about what we can do for you and set up a no-obligation meeting.

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