When planning corporate events, one of the best pieces of advice to make your day or night a success is to choose products and services tailored around your desired outcomes. This includes your lighting choices which can be used throughout your event to enhance key moments, showcase your brand and increase the professionalism of the event production.

Here are some amazing lighting ideas for your corporate event.

Lighting equipment for sporting events organised in London or SurreyLighting & Atmosphere

People often underestimate the impact of lighting on the tone and atmosphere of a corporate event. It can control everything from how the venue looks and what attendees should have their attention on (which is really useful at conferences and award ceremonies, for example), to how comfortable guests feel. Uplighting is a great way to create lighting themes in your rooms, whether you want a bright and clear space for presentations, add a dramatic feel or low mood lighting to help everyone relax.

Light up Letters

Giant light up letters are a great focal point and create photo opportunities at your event, whether placing at your stand at an exhibition or making a statement at your product launch. With an entire alphabet, numbers and different characters at your disposal, you could use them to spell out your company name in bright lights or promote a fundraising cause.

GOBO Projections

GOBO projections are a great way to personalise your corporate event’s lighting, sweeping custom wording or images around the room using a glass disc. This could be anything from your company logo to raise brand awareness, to an acknowledgement and thank you for your sponsor.

Lighting as Part of Your Décor

If you’re looking to impress others with the professionalism of your event, use lighting to enhance your décor. You can incorporate lighting into anything from star cloth backdrops behind speakers, top tables, stands or areas which you don’t want to be seen, to outside elements illuminating your red carpet and entrance. You could even add lighting aspects into where people sit or place their drinks with stylish LED furniture such as tables and chairs. Not only are these often used as a cool way to transform dark rooms, but you can also select them in your corporate colours.

Tailored Lighting Programmes

If you use an event production expert, they can tailor an entire lighting programme to the needs of your event and the individual moments happening throughout the night. Imagine colourful lighting in keeping with each company taking to the stage or perfectly timed spotlights to focus everyone’s attention onto a particular part of the room. If you have a dance floor, you could even have lighting which goes crazy just as the music does, creating an experience your guests will be talking about long after the event has finished.

Put Together a Bespoke Event Lighting Package

If you’re organising a corporate event in London, Surrey or across the South East, speak to our experienced team at Avant Garde Events. We create bespoke lighting programmes tailored to your outcomes, as well as offering a wide range of products.