When planning an event, for those who want to create a party to remember, a dance floor to accompany evening music is a must. However, it’s always a fear that nobody will dance, which can affect how everyone remembers your night. The trick is to ensure your dance floor is the centre of your evening celebrations whatever the occasion.

Here are some of the best ways to make sure all eyes are on your starlit dance floor.

A Place Where Guests Want to Be

We’ve all been to those events where the dance floor isn’t really a defined zone, making our way across sticky wooden floors with no real flow between what’s dance space, seating areas or the bar. That’s why it’s so important to choose a high quality product from a reputable events company. The look of the dance floor has to be appealing – somewhere that all your guests will want to spend time, so starlit dance floors are a great choice. They come with slip-resistant surfaces and are formed of tightly locked panels, as well as having adjustable twinkling lights for an incredible look.

DJs who Care

Choose a DJ who puts an emphasis on personalised experiences, caring about the purpose of your event and who your guests are. They should tailor music around their audiences, encouraging people to stay put on the dance floor, interacting with the crowd, and they may even allow request cards. The best DJs will be aware of the small nods they can make to specific sections of the crowd – perhaps people who have flown overseas to be there. This requires a DJ who takes the time to understand what your event is about during the planning stages.

Creating a Focal Point of the Dance Floor

When choosing the setup of your venue, if there’s enough space, try to keep everything as close together as possible rather than spreading out over several rooms. Use other products to create a focal point at the dance floor, whether its giant illuminated letters or beautiful starlit backdrops and drapery. Another great way to ensure your dance floor is the centre of the party is to make sure key events throughout the night take place there. So whether it’s cake cutting, speaking to the crowd or even a mini award ceremony at your party, use the dance floor as your stage. You can even ask your DJ to present each moment, making it a real occasion with accompanying music.

Kicking off the Night

If you want to kick off the night in style, guests will look to the hosts to get the party started. That’s why at weddings, the bride and groom’s first dance is so important, drawing guests to the place where you want the centre of celebrations to be. People will buy into dancing if they see the hosts doing it too.

Surprise Elements

At a fun event, guests want to be where the centre of the action is, so throwing some surprises is a sure fire way to bring attention back to the dance floor. Think dry ice effects creating a magical look or using confetti cannons to provide that real wow moment of the night. You can also choose programmed event lighting to make the dance floor experience off the charts, with tailored lights which react to the music.

Ending the Night on a High

The best events and parties are those where everybody ends the night on a high on the dance floor, building up into a crescendo of celebration, which will leave everyone wanting more. It’s these final moments which can define the overall feelings guests had of the night, making it all the more meaningful.

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