No party is complete without the right music. In fact, it can make or break your whole night, define the atmosphere and influence how much your guests enjoy themselves. What people will remember about private parties is how they felt on the night, so selecting music is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the planning stages.

If you’d like to create a music experience that will blow your average iPod and speakers out the water, here are a few options to consider.

Hire DJ in Surrey

Choosing the Right DJ to Ignite Your Event

While it can be tempting to cut down on costs wherever you can, don’t sacrifice the quality of the music when it comes to finding DJ services. It’s important to choose a professional DJ who’s going to take your party and paint it in technicolour in people’s memories, so knowledge about production and personalising the guest experience is going to be essential to making your party an unforgettable night.

Creating Mini Events within Your Party

When planning your event, the music doesn’t have to stop just because you need your guests’ attention to be on the next part of the day. Music can be used to uplift those party moments you want everyone to remember, whether you’re presenting a gift, cutting a cake or even making a speech. Speak to your DJ about ways they can enhance your entire party, making the dance floor the centre of mini events across your night.

Selecting a DJ and a Band

It’s that common conundrum many event organisers and party planners have…is a DJ or a band going to get the best reaction out of the crowd, but have you considered combining the two? A band isn’t going to play the whole night – in fact, a standard schedule is two 45 minute slots. Sure, many bands will tell you they provide a DJ in between their sets, but this is often just music played out to the room, not the experience you’d expect from a professional DJ who offers an unmatched level of production. Choosing both a DJ and band can help them to get the best out of each other, raising their game with every set and keeping the party going throughout the night.

Combining DJs with Other Performers

One of the most impactful music experiences you can provide if you want to have your guests’ senses reaching for the rafters is combining other musicians with your DJ. This can include saxophone players, percussionists, violinists and even singers, working together to add an extra dynamic and energy to your party. Using live performers will also entertain your party guests by bringing more visual elements to the music. They’re called performers for a reason, building chemistry with the DJ and crowd to engage audiences in the room, even those who aren’t on the dance floor.

Plan Your Bespoke Party Music

If you’re organising an event in London, Surrey or the South East, arrange a no-obligation chat with the experienced team at Avant Garde Events. So whether you’re looking for professional DJ services, live performers, bands or starlit dance floors, we can help.